The Alberta Chapter of The Wildlife Society works for wildlife and works with wildlife. We are biologists, managers, scientists, academics, students, consultants, and naturalists from across Alberta dedicated to understanding and conserving Alberta’s wildlife. We are affiliated with the international organization The Wildlife Society and its Canadian Section.

  1. We talk wildlife. People care about things they know about. As wildlife professionals, we share our love and understanding of Alberta’s wildlife and wild places through public talks, social media, newsletters, and especially our acclaimed annual conferences, where new ideas for conserving Alberta’s wildlife are born. Everyone is welcome!
  2. We walk the talk. We advocate for science-based wildlife management in Alberta, and provide science-based information and advice to help ensure wildlife’s needs are met in public policy, legislation and programs. We work to provide a wildlife management perspective to local, regional, and provincial decision-making bodies. We offer information, advice, and champion policy that ensures wildlife populations persist as a benefit for all Alberta.
  3. We cultivate new biologists. New professionals carry forward the responsibilities to manage the future of Alberta’s wildlife. We provide mentorship and training support, and host conferences that pass on new information. We provide student scholarships, conference travel grants, and awards for outstanding wildlife work. For over 25 years we have provided tens of thousands of dollars in support; and are rewarded by knowing today’s ACTWS students are tomorrow’s Alberta wildlife professionals.

You can help us help Alberta wildlife. We are a fully volunteer organization; every dollar you donate goes directly to student scholarships and wildlife conservation activities. Please support us and help another biologist understand and care for Alberta’s wild animals and wild places.  There are also opportunities to get involved in ACTWS; please contact our president to find out how you can be involved!

ACTWS Executive

Delinda (Dee) Ryerson

Dee has been managing natural resources, environmental projects and people in Alberta for more than 20 years, and anyone that knows her, knows how deeply passionate she is about… Read more

Robin Gutsell

Robin Gutsell has been involved with the ACTWS executive since starting as Director in 2005.  Robin works as a biologist with… Read more

Larry Roy

Laurence (Larry) D. Roy, HBSc (Zoology, Laurentian University), MSc (Wildlife Resources,University of Idaho) has been a technologist, wildlife ecologist and a… Read more

Everett Hanna

Dr. Everett Hanna completed his MSc/PhD research with Long Point Waterfowl and Western University, studying the foraging and staging ecology of Eastern Population Greater Sandhill Cranes, collecting the first… Read more

Samantha Morris-Yasinski

Samantha is a wildlife enthusiast and works as a wildlife technician with Alberta Environment and Parks. In combination with previous wildlife positions, she has developed a strong familiarity with… Read more

Joseph Litke

Joseph is an owner and managing director at Fiera Biological Consulting, where he has worked as a wildlife biologist providing research, monitoring, and management services throughout Alberta since 2003…. Read more

Joanna Burgar

Joanna is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria, specializing in wildlife and restoration ecology. Previously, she lived and worked in Fort… Read more

Lisa Takats Priestley

Lisa has been involved in wildlife research and monitoring for over 20 years.  She completed a technical diploma in biological sciences at NAIT and then a Bachelor of Science… Read more

Michelle Fournier

Michelle works as a wildlife biologist for Bear Tracks Environmental Services out of Lethbridge. She received her BSc.(Hon) from the University of Alberta, and has worked many wildlife contract… Read more

Nick Parayko

Born and raised in St. Albert, Alberta, Nick completed his B.Sc. in Ecology in 2014 from the University of Alberta. He is back at the UofA researching the effects… Read more

Matthew Pyper

Matthew is an Ecologist and Science Communicator who works to connect knowledge to practice in the fields of forestry, conservation biology and land restoration. He has been involved in… Read more

Alina Fisher

Born in Romania, Alina’s early childhood memories revolve around feeding wildlife, exploring forests & beaches, and bringing home any wild animal she could find. This included snakes, frogs, mice,… Read more

Kristie Derkson

Kristie works as a wildlife biologist manager in Edmonton and manages the ACTWS Facebook page and represents the Conservation Committee on the ALPAC Land Advisory Group. She has been… Read more

Margo Pybus

Dr. Margo Pybus spent the better part of a life-time learning from wildlife.  She was schooled early in life among the fields, forests,… Read more

Layla Neufeld

Layla is a caribou biologist with Parks Canada in Jasper National Park, and has been the ACTWS webmaster since 2007.  Layla grew up… Read more

Lucas Habib

Lucas works with Parks Canada in Jasper National Park, and has been the ACTWS co-webmaster since 2007.  He completed his M.Sc. at the… Read more

Committee Chairs

  • Lisa Wilkinson and Dave Hobson | Information, Education, and Newsletters
  • Glynnis Hood | Awards
  • Joanna Burgar | Scholarships
  • Larry Roy | Nominations