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  • ACTWS/CSTWS19 Award Winners: Speed Talks 2

    All the speed talks were great, and selecting only three for awards was a tough call for the judges. But Sarah Julin’s (upper photo) 4-minute description of “Evaluation of citizen science to measure bobcat trends in an urban environment” came in a close second.

    And Eleonore Lebeuf-Taylor’s (lower photo) contribution from her work at U Ottawa “Crossing structures reduce wildlife mortality in the Bow Valley” caught the judges’ eye.

  • ACTWS/CSTWS19 Award Winners: Speed Talks

    For the first time ever, we featured speed talks at the ACTWS conference this year. These were 4 minute barn-burners, cutting the time for a traditional talk by two-thirds. The speed-demon who took home first-place in this category was…

    …Kelsey Saboraki from the University of Winnipeg with her talk “Risky behaviour: species and sex differences in contact during the breeding season may explain variation in Chronic Wasting Disease prevalence. Here she is accepting her award from presenter Jesse Tigner. Way to go Kelsey!

  • ACTWS/CSTWS19 Award Winners

    Congratulations as well to Jacky Normandeau and April-Robin Martinig (pictured) who took second and third place respectively in our Traditional Talk category.

    Jacky asked the question “Is there differential parasite exposure in a partially migratory elk population?” and April’s presentation on “Immigrant female red squirrels pay a fitness cost after settlement but males do not” caught the judges’ eye.

  • ACTWS/CSTWS19 Award Winners

    Our proudest moments at ACTWS/CSTWS19 were watching and reading student presentations and posters. While they were all impressive, and all deserve our respect and recognition, we can’t give everyone an award. But we want to highlight our 2019 student presentation and poster award winners. Starting with….

    …Phil Walker, winner of the Traditional Talk category for his presentation, Identification and evaluation of woodland caribou birth sites in northern Ontario. Congratulations Phil!

  • ACTWS/CSTWS19 by Numbers

    By all accounts, ACTWS/CSTWS19 was a great success. The energy in Canmore was palpable, the plenaries inspiring, the presentations and posters impressive, and the side-conversations passionate.  As we’ve reflected on the conference’s membership and attendance, we’d like to share some key findings.

    Perhaps because much of what we do is statistics, we couldn’t help ourselves. So, understanding that this is an imperfect survey (as most are), plus or minus some unmeasured error, here are the conference demographics:

    392 Conference Attendees

    52% of Attendees were Students

    59% of Attendees were Women

    ~75 People attended the Pre-Conference Presentation

    56 Paper Presentations

    46 Posters