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  • May Mystery Wildlife

    The answer to our May Mystery Wildlife quiz is…

    Vesper Sparrow (Pooecetes gramineus). This little grassland critter is known for singing at sundown, the time when Vesper prayers have been traditionally said in several Christian faiths. The Vesper Sparrow is listed as “Secure” in Alberta, and found throughout the province. For more information on this species, check out the ABMI website.

    photo courtesy of Jessica Melsted.

  • ACTWS/CSTWS19 Awards: William Rowan Distinguished Service

    Distinction is something that we all strive for in our careers. The field of wildlife management is replete with biologists who have distinguished themselves throughout their careers. Bill Rowan wanted this award to honour the best among us.

    Beth MacCallum has certainly had a distinguished career, dedicating herself to the protection of Harlequin Ducks and Bighorn Sheep in west-central Alberta. If you know Beth, you know how passionate she is about her work, and this year the ACTWS was proud to present her with the William Rowan Distinguished Service Award.

  • The Wildlife Society honours the ACTWS for 30 years of service

    The ACTWS has been speaking up for wildlife and their habitats for 30 years.
    At this year’s conference, we celebrated this achievement. We reeled in the years, reflected on our accomplishments and our parent organization, The Wildlife Society, presented the Chapter with a certificate of recognition for a life well lived. Here, Mariah Simmons of The Wildlife Society executive presents Everett Hanna with the award.

  • The ACTWS Charter Gets a New Lease on Life

    Back in 1988, The Wildlife Society presented the then new Alberta Chapter with its official Charter. It proudly hung on the walls of the many Chapter presidents in the years that followed, including Bill Samuel and Margo Pybus. But sometime in the 2000’s the charter went missing. Missing but not forgotten.

    Never one to give up on an challenge, Margo took it upon herself to find this missing document that has such an important place in the ACTWS’ history. Of course she was successful. Not in the best of shape in the storage box that was its home for about a decade, Margo had it professionally restored and hermetically sealed in a protective frame. Here she presents it to ACTWS president Everett Hanna, who will pass it along to our new president, Andrea Morehouse for proud display, never to be lost again.