Input Needed: Proposed Recovery Strategies for Porsild’s Bryum and Smooth Goosefoot

Environment Canada would like help with recovery planning for Porsild’s Bryum (Mielichhoferia macrocarpa), and Smooth Goosefoot (Chenopodium subglabrum), two species listed as Threatened under the federal Species at Risk Act

The proposed Recovery Strategy for Smooth Goosefoot in Canada and the proposed Recovery Strategy for the Porsild’s Bryum in Canada were posted on the Species at Risk Registry on December 23, 2014 for a 60-day public comment period, which ends on February 21, 2015 We encourage you to become involved in one of the following ways:

1.      Read the full Recovery Strategy and provide your comments online for Porsild’s Bryum at:

and for Smooth Goosefoot at:

2.      Send us your comments by e-mail or mail at:


        Mail: Environment Canada, 9250-49 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T6B 1K5

3.      Contact us by telephone at: 1-855-245-0331 (toll free)