Calgary Wildlife Immobilization Course – January 2019

January 4-6 2019 at the University of Calgary

General topics:

Anatomy and Physiology – Chemical versus Physical Restraint – Pharmacology – Drug Acquisition, Handling and Storage – Drug Calculations – Equipment – Human Safety – Capture Procedures – Identifying and Treating Complications – Humane Euthanasia – Necropsy – Animal Welfare

The lab based portion will focus on safe needle and syringe techniques, sample collection techniques, drug preparation, dart delivery systems, dart loading procedures, monitoring equipment and supportive care. Participants are encouraged to actively engage in the course to discuss their species of interest and techniques. Assessment will be based on a multiple-choice and drug calculations exam delivered at the end of the course. Certificates will be provided for successful course completion.

COST: $500 per person (includes GST). Fee covers the 3 day course (9am‐ approx. 4pm), course manual ($75 value) and course certificate.


Registration is limited to 20 participants. Payment of full course fee ($500) is required to secure a spot. Cancellations 3 weeks before the course will receive a refund, otherwise no refunds will be provided for late cancellations. Cut and paste, or click the registration link here:
Registration is confirmed after the full course fee is paid via e-transfer to Owen Slater at: Payments via credit card are not accepted.