ACTWS/CSTWS19 Awards: Kristina Norstrom Dedicated Service Award

The Kristina Norsrom Award acknowledges Chapter members whose contributions far exceed the expectations of being a member and capture the spirit and essence of dedication to the Chapter.

If you’ve worked with Everett Hanna or been one of his students, you will immediately recognize his commitment to wildlife management and the ACTWS. New to Alberta, Everett immediately stepped up to take on a Chapter leadership role and outdid himself as the president. Here he is on stage, accepting his award from directors Glynnis Hood and Matthew Pyper. Thanks for your (ongoing) commitment Everett.

PO BOX 4990
Edmonton AB
T6E 5G8

Rooted in Wisdom: Deer Aging Techniques

Embark on a journey of precision and insight with the Lethbridge College Wildlife Analytics Lab (WAL) at the ACTWS Conference in Jasper! Join our workshop, ‘Rooted in Wisdom: Deer Aging Techniques‘, to explore the secrets hidden within wildlife teeth. Explore both the field technique of ‘tooth eruption and wear’ and the laboratory marvel of ‘cementum analysis’ – both dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of ungulate ages. Delve into the heart of these techniques, comparing their accuracy and precision, with a revelation of the superior accuracy of cementum analysis. Learn the art of tooth extraction and witness the seamless process of submitting your own wildlife teeth to the WAL for aging through cementum analysis. Elevate your understanding of deer populations and contribute to the advancement of wildlife knowledge and bolster your resume with applied experience. Participants will gain hands-on familiarity with the field technique of jaw aging, and the lab process of tooth extraction, inspection, preparation, and cementum analysis. Join us in Jasper for a transformative experience at the intersection of field expertise and cutting-edge laboratory analysis!

Facilitated by the Wildlife Analytics Lab, Lethbridge College

Cost: $15

Professional refers to someone who works with wildlife and/or their habitats in a professional setting.

In this context, it is not in reference to a legal professional designation.