Where Are They Now?

In 1995, the first recipient of the ACTWS Undergraduate Award, now known as the Ian Ross Memorial Scholarship, was a bright, young undergrad named Philip McLoughlin from the University of Alberta.

Young Phil is now Dr. Philip McLoughlin, (pictured here with his lab), a professor in the Biology Department at the University of Saskatchewan. His studies in Population Ecology have helped understand caribou, moose and wolf population dynamics in Saskatchewan and wild horse populations on Sable Island, Nova Scotia.

We at the ACTWS like to think that our recognition of Phil’s talent early in his education and the scholarship that accompanied this acknowledgement, contributed to his career and years of outstanding research.

Over the next few months we will be following-up on past ACTWS award winners in a series of “Where are they now?” posts. It’s an impressive list.

photo from http://mcloughlinlab.ca/lab/

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Professional refers to someone who works with wildlife and/or their habitats in a professional setting.

In this context, it is not in reference to a legal professional designation.