Where Are They Now?

Erin Cameron is another undergraduate, recognized by the ACTWS with an Ian Ross Memorial Scholarship (2004) who has gone on to a fascinating career.

Perhaps inspired by fellow Ross recipient, Phil McLoughlin who was later her instructor, Erin has gone on to an international career studying below-ground biodiversity. She’s even followed Phil’s footsteps to begin a study on Sable Island.

After completing her PhD, she went on to study throughout Europe, North and South America. Her studies on earthworms have landed her an Assistant Professorship at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax. Oh the places you’ll go [to quote another Doctor (Seuss)].

PO BOX 4990
Edmonton AB
T6E 5G8

Professional refers to someone who works with wildlife and/or their habitats in a professional setting.

In this context, it is not in reference to a legal professional designation.