Where Are They Now?

Kyle Knopff has had an enviable career as a wildlife biologist. Not only did he complete is PhD studies on cougars, but he’s had the opportunity to study around the world ever since. As a wildlife biologist with Golder Associates in Calgary, worked to collect baseline data, prepare environmental assessments and develop mitigation. He can be found working closer to home on occasion as well. Grizzly Bears, Mountain Goats, Bighorn Sheep and Caribou all factor into his Alberta workplan.

Of course, it didn’t all start with the ACTWS. But Kyle WAS awarded the Bill Wishart Scholarship in 2008, supporting that PhD that launched his career. And this is what gives us the greatest fulfilment. Giving bright lights, like Kyle and the others we are profiling in this series of posts, a helping hand. ACTWS2020 is coming up, and we’ll be recognizing more young, promising scientists. Let us know if you know of someone in your circle who deserves this recognition.

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Professional refers to someone who works with wildlife and/or their habitats in a professional setting.

In this context, it is not in reference to a legal professional designation.