Thanks for Your Input! Membership Has Its Benefits

Are you a member of the ACTWS? Why or why not?

The ACTWS has grown over the past few years, and so are our programs. With everything moving to virtual forums right now, we’ve launched our Speakers Bureau and a new monthly lunch and learn webinar series. With these changes, we have updated our membership services. In the coming months, we’ll be looking at expanding our program suite even further!

Earlier this month, we conducted a survey to learn more about our members and subscribers. The results of the survey will help update our strategic plan and shape future programming. The survey was completed by 73 people, which is great! Congratulations to our lucky prize winner who has already received her $20 gift certificate to Evoolution.

Here are the broad results from the survey.

  • Survey respondents were primarily engaged in land use and/or wildlife management related issues. Respondents felt that habitat loss/degradation was the primary issue facing Alberta wildlife (see the word cloud to the left).
  • Respondents engaged with the ACTWS in a variety of ways; the vast majority of respondents attended the ACTWS conference. Some had also attended a Canadian section event, were members of student chapters, or had held office with the ACTWS, Canadian Section, or The Wildlife Society.
  • The annual conference and networking with like-minded professionals were the most valued services provided by the ACTWS; respondents also highly valued our conservation related position statements and letters to decision makers. Although there was overall value associated with our various forms of communication (emails, social media, newsletter), respondents exhibited a higher level of variation in this regard.  

A second survey will be distributed later this fall to dive into some questions a bit more deeply and test support for future programming ideas. I want to explore new programs that will connect people across the vast distances of our province, attract new members, explore ways of addressing habitat issues more meaningfully, and find ways to make our various forms of communication more valuable for you.

If you have comments or questions or ideas for future programs, email us to share your ideas!

We’re also looking for member stories. If you’re already a member, tell us why in your own words. What does the ACTWS do for you and why do you appreciate it?

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Professional refers to someone who works with wildlife and/or their habitats in a professional setting.

In this context, it is not in reference to a legal professional designation.