Happy Canada Day

Our nation turns 152 years young today. Our land, and the wildlife it supports, is far older than this. Wilderness is an inalienable piece of the Canadian identity. We see ourselves as people sustained by wild places, and the word sees us that way. Your work in Wildlife Management and your involvement in the Alberta […]

May Mystery Wildlife

The answer to our May Mystery Wildlife quiz is… Vesper Sparrow (Pooecetes gramineus). This little grassland critter is known for singing at sundown, the time when Vesper prayers have been traditionally said in several Christian faiths. The Vesper Sparrow is listed as “Secure” in Alberta, and found throughout the province. For more information on this […]

The ACTWS Charter Gets a New Lease on Life

Back in 1988, The Wildlife Society presented the then new Alberta Chapter with its official Charter. It proudly hung on the walls of the many Chapter presidents in the years that followed, including Bill Samuel and Margo Pybus. But sometime in the 2000’s the charter went missing. Missing but not forgotten. Never one to give […]

30 Years in 30 Days

Are you following our 30 years in 30 days social media campaign?  To celebrate our 30 year history, we are lighting up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Learn about significant events in Chapter history over the past three decades in our “Today in ACTWS history” posts. Follow 30 years of Alberta wildlife science achievement in our […]