ACTWS/CSTWS19 Awards: William Rowan Distinguished Service

Distinction is something that we all strive for in our careers. The field of wildlife management is replete with biologists who have distinguished themselves throughout their careers. Bill Rowan wanted this award to honour the best among us. Beth MacCallum has certainly had a distinguished career, dedicating herself to the protection of Harlequin Ducks and […]

The Wildlife Society honours the ACTWS for 30 years of service

The ACTWS has been speaking up for wildlife and their habitats for 30 years. At this year’s conference, we celebrated this achievement. We reeled in the years, reflected on our accomplishments and our parent organization, The Wildlife Society, presented the Chapter with a certificate of recognition for a life well lived. Here, Mariah Simmons of […]

The ACTWS Charter Gets a New Lease on Life

Back in 1988, The Wildlife Society presented the then new Alberta Chapter with its official Charter. It proudly hung on the walls of the many Chapter presidents in the years that followed, including Bill Samuel and Margo Pybus. But sometime in the 2000’s the charter went missing. Missing but not forgotten. Never one to give […]

ACTWS/CSTWS19 Awards: Kristina Norstrom Dedicated Service Award

The Kristina Norsrom Award acknowledges Chapter members whose contributions far exceed the expectations of being a member and capture the spirit and essence of dedication to the Chapter. If you’ve worked with Everett Hanna or been one of his students, you will immediately recognize his commitment to wildlife management and the ACTWS. New to Alberta, […]

ACTWS/CSTWS19 Awards: Wildlife Outreach

Dedicating one’s career to reaching out to the public and raising awareness on ecology and wildlife populations is a key role for wildlife management professionals. Many of us do this, and a few of us excel at it. Each year the ACTWS recognizes excellence in this endeavour with a Wildlife Outreach award. Chris Fisher needs […]

ACTWS/CSTWS19 Awards: Best Wildlife Publication – Technical

All wildlife professionals want to write that killer paper that uses iron-clad data to make a novel point that spans field and schools of thought. When this happens, the ACTWS steps up and acknowledges this achievement. Anne Loosen, with her co-authors Andrea Morehouse and Mark Boyce has done this. Her paper, “Land tenure shapes black […]

ACTWS/CSTWS19 Awards: Best Wildlife Publication – Popular

Each year, the Chapter recognizes a member for an exceptional publication that is intended for the general public. This acknowledges writing that is relevant to wildlife management and conservation. In January, 2019 Alanna Mitchell published a very personal article in Canadian Geographic entitled “For the Love of Pronghorns”. This was a story about her father, […]

ACTWS/CSTWS19 Awards: Ian McTaggart-Cowan Lifetime Achievement

This year’s conference was co-hosted with the Canadian Section of the Wildlife Society. Each year they recognize a prominent wildlife biologist for a lifetime of achievement with the Ian McTaggart-Cowan Award. Esteemed biologists like Wini Kessler and Val Geist have been past honourees. Conference attendees were treated this year as Professor Fred Bunnell was presented […]

ACTWS/CSTWS19 Awards: The Larry Comin Photo Contest

The Larry Comin Photo Contest honours Larry’s passion for wildlife photography and generous contributions to the ACTWS. Members post their photos during the conference and members vote on their favourites. Members selected Phil Walker’s photo of two lynx as this year’s best photo. And it is an incredible photo. Lynx are notoriously shy critters, but […]

ACTWS/CSTWS19 Awards: Ian Ross Scholarship

Ian Ross was a committed and passionate ACTWS executive member who tragically died while surveying wildlife. The Ian Ross memorial scholarship is open to students entering their final year of a 4-year Alberta university program in Biological, Forest, Animal,or Zoological Science (or related field) or Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Ecosystem Management – Fish […]