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ACTWS Hunting Mentorship Program

Secure your spot HERE.

The Education and Information Committee of the Alberta Chapter of The Wildlife Society is passionate about fostering a strong hunting community while promoting wildlife conservation and responsible hunting practices. Our mentorship program offers a unique opportunity for aspiring hunters to learn from experienced mentors who share their knowledge, skills, and ethical principles.

Mark your calendars for our upcoming hunting mentorship events! We have some exciting opportunities lined up for you:

  1. Waterfowl Hunt with Canadian Premier Hunts
    • Dates: October 18th and 24th
    • Location: Edmonton area
  2. Waterfowl Hunt with Delta Waterfowl
    • Dates: October 21st and 28th
    • Location: Edmonton area

Hunter’s education, equipment, and ammunition will be provided with the program. We look forward to having you join us for these memorable hunting adventures!

Our Mission: Empowering Future Hunters and Wildlife Stewards

Our mentorship program goes beyond teaching hunting techniques; it aims to instill a deep appreciation for wildlife and the natural environment. We believe that fostering a sense of stewardship towards our wildlife resources is crucial for their conservation and sustainability.

How the Mentorship Program Works

Guided Learning: Our mentors will guide mentees through various aspects of hunting, including safety protocols, scouting, tracking, ethical hunting practices, and more. We place emphasis on wildlife conservation, habitat preservation, and the role of hunting in maintaining ecological balance.

Field Experience: Mentees will have the opportunity to accompany their mentors on field trips, learning firsthand about hunting strategies and wildlife behavior. This practical experience helps develop essential skills and a deep connection with nature.

Community Engagement: We foster a supportive community of hunters who are committed to responsible hunting and wildlife conservation. Mentees will have opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and contribute to conservation efforts.

Our Commitment to Wildlife Conservation

The Education and Information Committee believes that responsible hunting and wildlife conservation go hand in hand. Our program aligns with ethical hunting practices and sustainable hunting methods. By participating in our mentorship program, hunters become ambassadors for wildlife conservation, contributing to the protection of our natural heritage for future generations.

Get Involved and Make a Difference

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter interested in becoming a mentor or a novice eager to learn from experienced hunters, we welcome you to join our community. Together, we can celebrate the rich tradition of hunting while promoting wildlife conservation and ensuring a thriving natural environment for years to come.

Your input is invaluable to us!

We are eager to cater and develop the Hunting Mentorship Program around your interests. To provide us with more insight into what you’d like to see in this program, please take a moment to fill out the form here. Your feedback will play a significant role in shaping an enriching and rewarding experience for all participants. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

Support Our Cause

Your support is vital to sustaining our mentorship program and wildlife conservation efforts. You can contribute by becoming a mentor, enrolling as a mentee, or donating to support our conservation initiatives. Every step you take brings us closer to a future where responsible hunters are also passionate wildlife stewards.

Join us in preserving our hunting heritage and safeguarding the wilderness for generations to come. Together, we can make a positive impact on our environment and promote ethical hunting practices that benefit both wildlife and humans.

For more information or to get involved, please contact Remington Bracher at [email protected].

Let’s embark on this journey of hunting mentorship and wildlife conservation hand in hand, united for a brighter, sustainable future.

The Hunting Mentorship Program was made possible with the generous support of the Alberta Conservation Association.

PO BOX 4990
Edmonton AB
T6E 5G8

Rooted in Wisdom: Deer Aging Techniques

Embark on a journey of precision and insight with the Lethbridge College Wildlife Analytics Lab (WAL) at the ACTWS Conference in Jasper! Join our workshop, ‘Rooted in Wisdom: Deer Aging Techniques‘, to explore the secrets hidden within wildlife teeth. Explore both the field technique of ‘tooth eruption and wear’ and the laboratory marvel of ‘cementum analysis’ – both dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of ungulate ages. Delve into the heart of these techniques, comparing their accuracy and precision, with a revelation of the superior accuracy of cementum analysis. Learn the art of tooth extraction and witness the seamless process of submitting your own wildlife teeth to the WAL for aging through cementum analysis. Elevate your understanding of deer populations and contribute to the advancement of wildlife knowledge and bolster your resume with applied experience. Participants will gain hands-on familiarity with the field technique of jaw aging, and the lab process of tooth extraction, inspection, preparation, and cementum analysis. Join us in Jasper for a transformative experience at the intersection of field expertise and cutting-edge laboratory analysis!

Facilitated by the Wildlife Analytics Lab, Lethbridge College

Cost: $15

Professional refers to someone who works with wildlife and/or their habitats in a professional setting.

In this context, it is not in reference to a legal professional designation.