Workshop – Plants vital to cultural knowledge

In many ways, plants are a foundation for ecological systems. In reality, they are the basis for so much more. This workshop will be hosted by a valued Knowledge Holder of the Métis Nation of Alberta. An explanation of a few chosen plants vital to the cultural knowledge of the Métis will be shared alongside […]

Workshop – Aerial survey safety

Flying in small planes or helicopters is an incredibly useful tool for wildlife surveys and conducting fieldwork in remote locations. There are many things to consider in the project planning and fieldwork phases when working with aircraft. While useful and integral to wildlife related work, flying in small planes and helicopters is also the leading […]

Webinar: Recreation Impacts, Planning, and Management

People appreciate and enjoy Alberta's natural spaces in myriad ways from boating and 4x4 driving to hiking and picnicking. This diversity in forms and intensity of recreation across the landscape creates various management challenges. Management usually aims to ensure people have adequate access to recreational opportunities and the natural ecosystem remains intact and species are […]

Workshop – Recreation Planning

Join us for an interactive exercise that will explore the complexity of recreation planning in multi-use landscapes through discussion, and sharing your professional and personal experiences. Apply your lessons learned to our collective wisdom to build a recreation network, choosing the placement of trails, parking areas, protected areas, harvest area, well sites, stream, lakes and […]

Workshop – Remote Cameras Part 1

Remote cameras increasing popularity to collect a variety of wildlife data about occupancy, habitat use, population density, human interaction, and so much more cannot be denied. Even though they can be incredibly useful, it may sometimes seem like "the answer is remote cameras; it doesn't matter what the question is". With all research, however, planning […]

Workshop – Remote Cameras Part 2

Remote cameras are great - when they work, the batteries don't run out... and you remembered to turn them on! You also may want to avoid thousands of pictures of grass waving in the wind or blurry photos of critters that you can't decipher reliably. Where, how, and when you set cameras up, how often […]

Webinar – Off-Leash Dogs, Natural Areas, and Wildlife

Dogs off-leash in natural areas is a topic it seems most people have an opinion on. People make many assumptions about how off-leash dogs impact wildlife and their habitats, but what does the research say? Some organizations have started distributing fact sheets and other statements encouraging people to keep their dogs on-leash. Join us as […]

Citizen Science – iNaturalist Workshop

Citizen science is often a great opportunity to engage communities in wildlife research and to broaden your data set. There are many different ways to engage communities in wildlife research. This virtual workshop will focus on iNaturalist, Canada's gateway to a global species data sharing community. Our workshop hosts will show you the potential of […]

Wild LOVE – ACTWS Fundraiser

Fundraising Goal: $10,000 Wild LOVE is back on and there are three ways for you to support the ACTWS! The more ways you can give, the more we all WIN! 50-50 Raffle Support the ACTWS and WIN cash! Our 50-50 raffle puts money in both of our pockets! The more tickets you buy, the bigger […]

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Workshop

Meet Jenny Bourne! Jenny Bourne, CCIP, M.A., B.Ed., BA is a consultant who has worked in various roles in public and for-profit education, post-secondary institutions and in not-for-profit sectors across Canada and internationally. Throughout her career Jenny has been an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) champion who has spent decades bringing an EDI focus to […]

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Professional refers to someone who works with wildlife and/or their habitats in a professional setting.

In this context, it is not in reference to a legal professional designation.