Webinar – Managing for Caribou Recovery I: A focus on habitat issues

Our October webinar was the first part in a two-part series focusing on caribou recovery. Our first round of talks focused on habitat related management research or actions that aim to better understand the effectiveness of habitat restoration and explore different land-use management options to recover caribou populations in Alberta.  This webinar was sponsored by […]

Free – $10.00

Webinar: Managing for Caribou Recovery 2 – Species Research

In the second part of our webinar series focusing on managing for caribou recovery, we heard from three speakers discussing caribou genetics and site fidelity. With caribou being such a hot topic in Alberta conservation right now, these talks were timely and shared some valuable information about how caribou recovery can happen in Alberta.    […]

Workshop – Working with Communities

The second in our fall/winter workshop series is all about working well with others! Location: Zoom Attendance: Maximum 40 participants  Cost: $0 (members); $10 (non-members) Facilitators: Sarah Elmeligi, Andrea Morehouse, Courtney Hughes Results: 22 people attended this workshop. Summary: Many wildlife professionals conduct field work on public or private land. Knowing how and when to […]

Free – $10.00

Webinar: Comparing Methods

Our final webinar of 2020 discussed automated approaches to data collection in the field with remote cameras and audio recorders. In our Comparing Methods webinar, our speakers focused on the application of these technologies and the implications for methodological approach, analysis, and overall results.     Read the speaker abstracts. Webinar Summary Camille Warbington from the […]

Workshop: How’s Your Resume?

Getting ready to send out your field season applications? Or entering the workforce? Has your resume set you up for success? Glynnis Hood and Samantha Morris-Yasinski shared some great tips and tricks for writing successful cover letters and resumes in this workshop. We discussed the three stages of the job application process: the cover letter, […]

Free – $10.00

Webinar – Sharing the Landscape II: Wildlife in Human Environments

Read the speaker abstracts here. Webinar Summary Our last webinar in this series started with John Paczkowski from Alberta Parks and Claire Edwards from the University of Alberta discussing a long term-term dataset pertaining to aversive conditioning of grizzly bears in Kananaskis Country. With many bears and many people using the same landscape, the work […]

Workshop: Writing Science for Non-Scientists

Want to expand your writing skills? Interested in getting your science into the hands of the masses? This workshop was facilated by Dr. Lee Foote and Dr. Sarah Elmeligi and featured the wisdom from our Expert Presenters: Kevin Van Tighem, Ken Bailey. This engaging and interesting workshop shared perspective and experience in regards to publishing […]

$15 – $35

Cultural and Ecological Perspectives of Bison in Alberta

Join us for lunchtime talk of three interesting presentations by Bill Snow, Wes Olson, and Dillon Watt. Bill Snow will be presenting a talk and a short film on the cultural perspective on the bison reintroduction in Banff National Park. Dillon Watt will be presenting on bringing bison back to Banff National Park,and Wes Olson […]

Webinar – Alberta’s Grizzlies: Latest Research

Our first installment in our Hot Topic Webinar Series offers you a chance to hear about the science informing grizzly bear management in Alberta today. You may be aware of recent media coverage about Alberta's grizzly bear population estimates and the implications for the provincial grizzly bear recovery plan. Our speakers for Alberta Grizzlies: Latest […]

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Professional refers to someone who works with wildlife and/or their habitats in a professional setting.

In this context, it is not in reference to a legal professional designation.