WORKSHOP: Graduate School Oral Exams

norsemen inn, camrose 6505 48th Ave, Camrose, Alberta

How to Prepare for and Pass Graduate School Oral Exams (qualifying exams and defenses) Presented by Dr. Lee Foote, Professor, University of Alberta Author of Oral Exams: Preparing for and passing candidacy, qualifying, and graduate defenses (2016)  Academic Press Friday, March 13, 2020 11:30AM-12:00PM Norsemen Inn, Salon A1 Most graduate students worry about their graduate […]


Webinar – Cumulative Effects of Land Uses in Alberta’s Southern East Slope Watersheds

Speakers: Sarah Milligan, ALCES: Cumulative Effects of Land Uses and Conservation Priorities in Alberta’s Southern East Slopes. See the abstract.Sarah Elmeligi, ACTWS – The C-5 Report and the ACTWS: Organizational perspectives and implications. Webinar Summary: Last year, the ACTWS commissioned ALCES to conduct a cumulative effects assessment of the Southern Eastern Slopes to model long […]



Webinar – Sharing the Landscape: Ecology of Human Infrastructure

Speakers: Dee Patriquin (WSP Canada) - From Butterflies to Bears: Developingstandards for road ecology across Canada.Taylor MacLeod (University of Alberta) - Effects of FlowAugmentation: Are species selective towards a threatened benthic fish?Colleen Cassady St. Clair (University of Alberta) - Railway Mortalityfor Several Mammal Species Increase in Areas with Poor Sight Lines and Escape Terrain This […]

Webinar – A Shifting Climate: Changes in environmental and social conditions

Speakers: 1. Cesar Estevo (University of Alberta) - A Hill Has Many Faces: The influence of topography on microclimates, vegetation, and boreal songbirds 2. Alexandre Caouette (MacEwan University) - Elucidating the Distribution of a Non-Native Species of Katydid in Alberta Using Bioacoustics 3. Howie Harshaw (University of Alberta) - The Human Dimensions of Waterfowl Hunting […]

BE WILD: An Experience Auction

The ACTWS has always been so grateful to have an array of experienced, creative, and supportive members. The support of our members has been integral to the success of our annual conference silent auction. This year, we’re taking the auction online! We are excited to expand our auction into this new realm and open our […]

Webinar – Cascading Impacts: Community dynamics and landscape genetics

Speakers: Baily McCulloch (University of Alberta) - The New Top Dogs? Mesopredator response to wild removal in a changing landscape.Glynnis Hood (University of Alberta) - Ecological Compromise: Can alternative beaver management maintain biodiversity?Ian Gazeley (University of Lethbridge) - Species Reintroductions and Population Bottlenecks: Conservation genetics of Roosevelt Elk in southwest BC. Read the speaker abstracts. […]

Webinar – Understanding Distribution and Selection

Our monthly Lunch and Learn Webinars are quickly becoming my favourite thing! Our September webinar: Understanding Distribution and Selection, was a great way to get back to work after the summer. From bats, to wolverines, to little owls, this webinar discussed distribution and behaviour of animals we know relatively little about. The talks were truly […]

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In this context, it is not in reference to a legal professional designation.